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Tangled Master 3D Mod


We, humans, love challenges. And one of the most challenging games around is the puzzle game Tangle Master 3d.

These games always rack up our brain and present interesting topics that may leave us wanting more. But puzzle games aren’t for people who surrender easily! These require extreme patience and strategy to play.

But if you’re one among those that love puzzle games, this one’s for you.

Master 3D is a puzzle game developed by Rollic Games. it’s over 1 million downloads by now on Google Play Store.

But what makes this game so popular? Does it have next-gen graphics? Or perhaps revolutionary gameplay? No, it doesn’t!

What it does have are some very challenging and interesting puzzles. Read on if you’re curious!

What is Tangle Master 3D?

When we were kids, we might always be fascinated even by the most trivial things. And once we find out about magic and puzzles, we were even more amazed! this can be the ability of puzzles and using our brains.

But what if you don’t want to resolve some boring Sudoku puzzles or some crossword ones? What if you would like to play a game with the proper balance of challenge and fun at constant time?

Meet Tangle Master 3D.

This puzzle game takes untangling to a full new level! you recognize how satisfying it’s to untangle wires like your charger cables. during this game, you’re getting to be untangling many wiggly knots! But it’s not that easy as untangling in reality.

The challenge is that you simply can’t untangle knots that are below a knot. you want to find how to untangle them without that. Interested? Read on!
Features of Tangle Master 3D

If you like untangling things left and right, you’ll love Tangle Master 3D! But what else is there to the present amazing game?

Here are its features:

many levels – In Tangle Master 3D, you want to untangle some knots! But it isn’t as simple as doing it in the real world.

In Tangle Master 3D, you can’t boost a knot that’s under another knot. you’ll only lift those that are over the opposite knots. this is very easy when there are only 2 knots. But when there are multiple knots directly, it becomes a large mess!

In Tangle Master 3D, the levels begin easy but as you progress, you’ll find that the knots are going to be harder to untangle and there’ll be more of them are you able to solve all of them before you begin to go crazy?

Epic graphics – this game is a puzzle game that simulates the knots all right. The knots are almost like the jelly ones we eat as kids and that they jiggle once you attempt to move them. This makes it easy to understand the way to untangle them.

Also, the knots are attached to a broomstick that’s style well. Overall, this game does an honest job of entertaining players while challenging them!

Rewards – In Tangle Master 3D, you’ll get rewards after successfully completing some challenges. this may allow you to possess different colored-knots and more!

Realistic gameplay – Tangle Master 3D does an honest job of simulating real-life physics in a game. The knots will wiggle once you attempt to move them and untangle them which allows you to resolve them easily.

Then, the opposite effects are realistic also. Overall, this game is a fun game to play while you’re also challenged.

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