Roehsoft RAM Expander mod APK Latest Version

Roehsoft RAM Expander

You may noticed that your Android phone starts lagging sometimes. Despite cleaning the junk cached files, you’ll not be ready to make your device faster so try Roehsoft RAM Expander.

In such a scenario, Roehsoft RAM Expander comes in as a primary solid solution. With the assistance of this amazing Android app, you’ll expand the RAM of your Android device.

About Roehsoft RAM Expander

Due to limited space on your phone, you’ll not be ready to download or install more apps or games than you desire. this is often where the Roehsoft RAM Expander app comes in.

The Roehsoft RAM Expander app is used for the aim of accelerating storage space on your smartphone.

Remember, the Roehsoft RAM Expander app doesn’t physically move for more memory storage on your phone because ROM may be a hardware component. It only tries to repair your phone internally by removing cache, limiting junk ensuring your background apps don’t close up randomly.

The Roehsoft RAM App usually uses the SD Card on your phone because the working hub to accommodate increase storage and memory capacity on your phone so you’ll install more apps and save space to feature more data whenever you desire.

The latest version of the Ram Expander App is 3.64 (364) with an installation size of 6.0 MB. additionally, the Ram app has no OBB Data and split APKs.

RAM Expander Features

  • The Ram Expander App is extremely easy to use.
  • The Ram Expander app is easy to use, hassle-free, and user- friendly.
  • It provides up to 4GB of storage space for you to download and install whichever apps or games you would like.
  • The Ram Expander App also provides very easy automatic media direction for your phone with easy configuration settings.
  • Optimizes and enhances your software-related data, boosting your phone’s mechanism.
  • There’s no limit to the SWAP partition on this app.
  • it’s solely supported autorun and is a one-click optimization process, providing an automatic analysis of your smartphone.
  • The Expander app also gives features a PNP swap widget (with both off and on options)
  • Performance degradation doesn’t occur. Hence, boosting the speed and efficiency of your phone.
  • The Ram Expander App also prevent App crashes on your phone. It also improves the general performance of your smartphone.
  • The Ram Expander app also allows you to switch the swappiness kernel parameter set.

Important Guidelines

There are a few major things to notice before you’ll install and use the Roehsoft Ram Expander App.

  • Confirm you’ve got an external SD Card available.
  • The Roehsoft Ram Expander App will only work on a tool that has been rooted previously. (You may root your device using the Z4Root APK App or the other app of your choice).
  • Before, downloading The Roehsoft App, you will need to download another app MemoryInfo and Swapfile app. This app is important if your phone is compatible to function with the 1st app that’s the “The Roehsoft Ram Expander App”.

Both of those apps are often easily accessed from the Google Play Store and are compatible with most Android devices.