FxGuru Mod Apk Latest Version Free Download

If you wish to add superb special Hollywood effects to your video however cannot afford any expensive and heavy budget for that.

Then FxGuru Mod Apk is sufficient for you to meet your needs.

Add FxGuru fun and exciting effects to your videos. you can apply any effect just like big-budget Hollywood movies.

Effects at all don’t mean to change the filter and background only however with this application, you can apply any sci-fi, horror, action move, levitation, or other effects.

It offers you groundbreaking options. you can build any scare, impress, or perhaps you can play a prank by editing videos of your friends.

If you edit your videos in this application then nobody can easily get that whether these videos are edited in mobile application or any heavy budget software.

This application goes to unleash your power in video editing.

FxGuru Real Effects

As in the introduction section we’ve completely discussed the most options of this application but still, there’s a lot of to find out about the sci-fi effects of this application.

Here we’ve mentioned some of its high effects.

FxGuru Horror effect

You can apply any horror and terror result in your video and footage like zombies, ghosts, skeletons, madman, werewolves, etc.

The ghost effects in this editor look therefore cool and terrified that nobody easily gets you about the fakeness of those panicked characters.

Fantasy effect

Add some fantasy characters in your videos like dragons, waterfalls, aliens, robots, and many more in the FxGuru.

Adding fantasy effects to your video makes it a lot of engaging and eye-catchy. you can easily look for the eye of your friends with fantasy effects.

Weapons effect

As for man they wish to add weapons effects in their video. Like by holding guns in their hands. you can add guns, missiles, rockets, flamethrowers, drones, nukes, and a lot of in your video using this application.

Disasters Effects

If you wish to show in your video that you have just stuck in any disaster and need to create this effect very naturally then you can do this with FxGuru. Fxguru Effects like earthquakes, meteors, floods, tornados, lightning, and more can be added easily using FxGuru Mod Apk.

Animal Effects

You can add animals moving in your background using this Fxguru. If you are doing so you’ll put a good image of your video editing power upon others.

Animals like dinosaurs, cockroaches, rats, bulldogs, snakes can be added.

Also, the moving effects of those animals build this application value downloading once.

Because several alternative applications also do so however they are doing not support the movements of characters.

Vehicle Background

You can also add vehicles like trucks, cars, helicopters, F1 cars, police cars in your videos to create them a lot of realistic.

Holidays Effects

If you haven’t spent your vacations on a picnic spot however wish to prank your friends that you have just spent the vacations on some picnic spot.

Then you’ll edit your videos using this application in such a way that your videos can look so realistic.

More options

Besides the huge library for real effects, this video editor permits us to feature more effects to your video.

Unleash creativity

You can unleash your power level with cinematic filters for making a lot of drama and suspense.

Direct Video

You can direct your video sort of a professional. Add any sci-fi feature in your video to create a lot of reality.


Themes like fantasy, weapons, and animals are out there in the library so you can use any of the themes to create a video of your own choice.

Special Effects

Almost over 900 video lighting tricks are out there in the library of this video editor. Effects from explosive effects to scary ones is applied easily


As there are several alternative video editing application out there on google play store however what makes FxGuru Mod Apk price downloading is it realistic cinematic effects.

Try once this application to edit your video you’ll certainly become addicted to this.

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