CF Auto Root mod APK Latest for Android

CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root by Chainfire is among the most successful rooting apps available for Android devices.

Use this app to root your device and flash recovery without worrying about the technical stuff, a wide selection of Android devices is supported by the Auto Root Android app.

About CF Auto Root Developer

Chainfire is a well-known name among the advanced Android users.

This developer has developed plenty of very famous and useful apps for Android devices and you’ll find their apps’ catalog at Google Play Store here.

Why to Use CF Auto Root?

Other rooting apps like Root Master are mostly not maintained well or there are multiple versions of the app which is extremely hard to find differences between them so as to seek out the first one.

Auto Root is best during this aspect and you’ll believe this app to root your device if you didn’t have any luck with other available options.

Furthermore, the app is actively developed. Now a successor of Auto Root is out there also that you just can find at the developer’s website here.

Some of few quality of CF Auto Root are listed down below:

  • Because the name depicts, it automatically roots your device
  • Better success ratio in rooting a phone
  • Safe to use as Auto Root is from a reputed developer
  • Super-fast and it performs the rooting with ease
  • Auto Root supports a good range of devices

While on this page we are serving the download of a worldwide APK file for the app, we highly encourage you to go to the developer’s website to seek out the relevant download for your device.

They have an extended list of downloads available for specific devices.

Ready to download the Auto Root APK file and begin attempting to root your Android device? Here you go. Download the CF Auto Root APK straight to your phone.